Nelson Ghost Town aka Eldorado Canyon



Nelson Ghost Town Facts

~ Nelson, back in 1775, wasn't Nelson but was referred to as Eldorado by the Spaniards who made the original discoveries of gold in this area that is now Eldorado Canyon.

~ In the heart of Eldorado Canyon, just east of Nelson, sits the Techatticup Mine — a popular destination for weddings, photographers and adventure seekers.

~ Many of prospectors who came were allegedly Civil War deserters. Disagreements and Gunfights over the gold and property became commonplace. Greed, claim jumping and vigilante justice escalated. Meanwhile, the Techatticup Mine itself was in disagreements over ownership, management and labor disputes, which created its notorious reputation. At one point the killings were as many as 500 miners, becoming an almost daily event and lawlessness location.

~ Despite the criminal reputation of the mine, Techatticup was to become the most successful in the area, mining millions of dollars in gold, silver, copper and lead for many years. For the next 70 years, miners at the Techatticup Mine dug deeper and deeper into the hard rock, working with picks and shovels in chambers lit by candles.

~ The name Techatticup comes from two Paiute words meaning “hungry” and “bread,” The Paiutes in the surrounding lands would visit the mining camps begging for food.

~ The Techatticup Mine remained active until the mid-1940s, yielding millions of dollars in precious metals during its productive years. Nearly 10 years later—after the completion of the Davis Dam the landscape was changed.


~ The area is accessible through the town of Nelson, Nevada off US 95 about 25 miles southwest of Las Vegas.

~ Now that history has earned Eldorado Canyon its notorious reputation, it has become a popular location. Nelson Ghost Town has been the location for several movies, commercials, thousands of weddings and television shows

~ Before long the Nelson had several mines, including the Gettysburg, Duncan, Solar, Rand, Wall Street, Swabe and Golden Empire Mines in what was to become one of the earliest and richest mining districts in Nevada.

~ Techatticup and Queen City mines were discovered in 1861, the combination of which formed one of the richest mining districts in pre-Nevada. The mines were owned by prominent California politician George Hearst.

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